Readers Comments

“It is a good book, well written and srtaight forward, with some great real life photo’s!”
– Mary Jones

“I have found your book to be amazing! It is truly a guide. I have shared information in it with a friend of mine who is an officer in a newly founded rescue in Kentucky (dogs & cats). She is planning to buy your book to share with the B.O.D.”
– DeeDee Goldberg

“What an honor it is to me, to be able and personally email you! My name is Kimbrell Burnett, I’m 13 years old and live in AL. I absolutly love horses! Actually any and every animal! I have been riding for about five years. I do not own a horse now, although I did for about four months, but do to reasons beyond my conrtol I had to sell him. (He was rescued from a horse tradder along with a another horse.) I am lucky enough to own four cats and two dogs though :D. I have had a difficult time trying to find a horse rescue within about two hours of where I live. I want to, and always have wanted to, start a rescue. I would like it to manly focus on equines, but will welcome any animal in need of a loving home. I just wanted to let you know what an insperation you are to me! You are my roll model! Thankyou so much! I hope to buy your book soon!”
– Kimbrell

“Thanks for writing your book!

No one could give us answers on how to do anything, when we started. And we started by personally buying 63 horses from closing PMU farms who could not barter time while we learned to fundraise or ask for help. So we dove in with our money and personal facility. This was in July 0f 2005 and just received our 501C3 last week. As you know we are overwhelmed with paperwork and ranch work.

With an average of 60 equines here at any given time, our daily work is exhausting. When we started I vowed to answer all emails, (as no one would respond to me in the beginning, I felt so helpless and unsupported). Now, I know that all these questions can be equally overwhelming and I do not want to come across as rude. We can not have volunteers as we can not afford the workman’s comp insurance ( a new requirement here in California) so I get wear a stack of hats and that includes the office.

Anyway I just wanted to let you know that I will be directing folks to your site.

The information in the world seems to be speeding by at a rapid pace and everyone demands immediate attention so thank for giving us rescues a break!”
– Tammy Craven
Canyon Creek Farm Horse Rescue Inc.