Table of Contents

Part 1: Starting a Rescue
Chapter 1: Why Start a Rescue
Chapter 2: Things to Consider Before Starting a Rescue
Chapter 3: Basic Organization and Structure
Chapter 4: The Initial Paperwork

Part 2: Running a Rescue
Chapter 5: Recruitment and Retention of Volunteers
Chapter 6: The Importance of Public Relations and Promotion
Chapter 7: Working with Law Enforcement
Chapter 8: Fundraising
Chapter 9: Networking with Other Rescues
Chapter 10: Working with the Community
Chapter 11: Managing Records
Chapter 12: Insurance
Chapter 13: Combating Burnout

Part 3: Care of Your Horses
Chapter 14: Body Condition Scoring Chart
Chapter 15: Bringing in a New Horse
Chapter 16: Emergency/Natural Disaster Planning
Chapter 17: Developing an Adoption Program

Part 4: Other Species
Chapter 18: Specifics considerations for dog and cat rescues
Chapter 19: Specifics considerations for exotic and wildlife rescue