The Book

bookcoverThe number of rescues in the country increases almost daily yet many people who decide to run a rescue organization have never been involved with non-profits before – this was the case for the author in 1998. Although they have the heart to dedicate to the cause, they often don’t know how to put together a rescue or how to run the organization once it is set up. Because of this, many rescuers get overwhelmed and close their doors. This book is designed to help assist those who are trying to start a rescue and to provide advice for the long-term management of their organizations.

While the book is written from the perspective of someone involved in horse rescue, topics covered in the book such as public relations, community involvement and how to manage volunteers apply to rescues involved with any species. The book could also be useful for anyone running an animal-related non-profit such as riding club or horse show association as topics like fundraising and promoting the group can help those animal-related non-profits grow.

If you don’t intend to run a rescue, the book gives an insight into how good rescue organizations operate. This can help you understand how to select a good rescue, how to get involved as a volunteer and what to expect from adoption or fostering.

The book also includes “Before and After” stories at the end of each chapter – such as the story of Trooper, a horse who almost starved to death but is now helping children as a therapeutic riding mount.

Whether you run a rescue, want to get involved in a rescue as a volunteer, donor or adopter or just like reading stories about animals, this book is right for you.